Cryptography Fundamentals

The math and mechanics behind modern digital encryption.

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The mathematics behind digital cryptograph are suprisingly simple. Why do we use prime numbers for encryption? How can we quickly tell if a number is prime? What makes one algorithm secure, while another is weak? By understanding the mathematics behind cryptography, we can answer these questions and more.

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Some algorithms are used for digitally signing messages. Others are good for encrypting secrets for several people. Still others let us share a secret with just one other person. Understand the options that are available to you, and determine which algorithm is best for the problem at hand.

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Case Studies

Cryptography mistakes have cost millions of dollars and eroded public trust in some well-known brands. Examine the attacks and leaks that have occurred at Target, Snapchat, and the NSA. Understand the vulnerabilities that were present in these systems, which allowed attackers to circumvent security measures. Learn from the mistakes of others, so you don't make those same mistakes yourself.

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